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We are a full sales, service & maintenance company designed to assist you in furnishing and maintaining a safe and functional sporting event facility. From gymnasiums and field houses to football stadiums and baseball/softball complexes. We keep your equipment functioning, up to date and safe for students, staff and spectators. We service all kinds of bleachers, grandstands and seating systems for gymnasiums, football fields, baseball fields, basketball courts and more.

Soccer Goals on the field.

Selecting a soccer goal for your field

Your program is not just like everyone else’s. Your level of play, playing surface, goal removal requirements and budget all define your needs. Many programs that use brand name alone as
their selection criterion often miss out on features that better fit their requirements. Bison offers a wide range of goals to meet the needs of college, high school, club, recreation and youth programs. Consider the following design features before you invest in your next pair of goals.

For detailed product information, click on model numbers listed in the tables shown below.

4" Round Goal Packages

Model  Package Type  Goal Package Size  Net Requirement  Ship Weight 
SC2480PA40NT  No Tip  24' (w) x 8' (h) x 4' (t) x 10' (b)  Included  540 lbs/pair 
SC2480PA40E  Value  24' (w) x 8' (h) x 4' (t) x 10' (b)  SC100N*  435 lbs/pair 
SC2170PA40NT  No Tip  21' (w) x 7' (h) x 4' (t) x 7' (b)  Included  490 lbs/pair 
SC2170PA40E  Value  21' (w) x 7' (h) x 4' (t) x 7' (b)  SC080N  385 lbs/pair 
SC1865PA40NT  No Tip  18½' (w) x 6½' (h) x 4' (t) x 6½' (b)  Included  450 lbs/pair 
SC1865PA40E  Value  18½' (w) x 6½' (h) x 4' (t) x 6½' (b)  SC072N  345 lbs/pair 

4" Square Goal Packages

Model  Package Type  Goal Package Size  Net Requirement  Ship Weight 
SC2480PA44NT  No Tip  24' (w) x 8' (h) x 4' (t) x 10' (b)  Included  540 lbs/pair 
SC2480PA44E  Value  24' (w) x 8' (h) x 4' (t) x 10' (b)  SC100N*  435 lbs/pair 
SC2170PA44NT  No Tip  21' (w) x 7' (h) x 4' (t) x 7' (b)  Included  490 lbs/pair 
SC2170PA44E  Value  21' (w) x 7' (h) x 4' (t) x 7' (b)  SC080N  385 lbs/pair 
SC1865PA44NT  No Tip  18½' (w) x 6½' (h) x 4' (t) x 6½' (b)  Included  450 lbs/pair 
SC1865PA44E  Value  18½' (w) x 6½' (h) x 4' (t) x 6½' (b)  SC072N  345 lbs/pair 

2" x 4" Goal Packages

Model  Package Type  Size  Net Requirement  Ship Weight 
SC2480PA24NT  No Tip  24' (w) x 8'(h) x 4' (t) x 10' (b)  Included  500 lbs/pair 
SC2480PA24E  Value  24' (w) x 8' (h) x 4' (t) x 10' (b)  SC100N*  430 lbs/pair 
SC2170PA24NT  No Tip  21' (w) x 7' (h) x 4' (t) x 7' (b)  Included  450 lbs/pair 
SC2170PA24E  Value  21' (w) x 7' (h) x 4' (t) x 7' (b)  SC080N  380 lbs/pair 
SC1865PA24NT  No Tip  18½' (w) x 6½' (h) x 4' (t) x 6½' (b)  Included  430 lbs/pair 
SC1865PA24E  Value  18½' (w) x 6½' (h) x 4' (t) x 6½' (b)  SC072N  360 lbs/pair 
SC1265PA24E  Value  12' (w) x 6½' (h) x 4' (t) x 6½' (b)  SC060N  210 lbs/pair 
SC0945PA24E  Value  9' (w) x 4½' (h) x 2' (t) x 4½' (b)  SC050N  240 lbs/pair 

All Aluminum ShootOut™ No-Tip™ Portable Soccer Goals

Model  Package Type  Size  Net Requirement  Ship Weight 
SC2480PA44XL  No Tip  24' (w) x 8' (h) x 4' (t) x 10' (b)  Included  550 lbs/pair 
SC2170PA44XL  No Tip  21' (w) x 7' (h) x 4' (t) x 7' (b)  Included  500 lbs/pair 
SC1865PA44XL  No Tip  18½' (w) x 6½' (h) x 4' (t) x 6½' (b)  Included  460 lbs/pair 

ShootOut™ 4" Square Aluminum Permanent/Semi Permanent Soccer Goals

Model  Goal Size  No Top Depth Net  4' Top Depth Net  Shipping Weight 
SC2480IGA  Competition 24'(w) x 8'(h)  SC095N  SC100N  275 lbs/pair 
SC2170IGA  Club Plus 21'(w) x 7'(h)  SC075N  SC080N  265 lbs/pair 
SC1865IGA  Club 18½'(w) x 6½'(h)  SC071N  SC072N  235 lbs/pair 
SC1265IGA  Youth 12'(w) x 6½'(h)  SC055N  SC060N  215 lbs/pair 
SC0945IGA  Bantam 9'(w) x 4½'(h)  SC045N  N/A  185 lbs/pair 


Since many soccer fields serve double duty, portable goals make up a large percentage of the market. Even if the goal is not permanently attached to the ground, it might not be truly portable. Overall weight, use of rear stabilizing bars, transport systems and the quality of construction all contribute to the true portability. Common problems with hard to move portables include premature failure of welded corners and the potential for staff or player injury. Aluminum is the material of choice for portable goals. There are some lower cost steel portables but they are heavy, hard to move, prone to rust, and worst of all, dangerous if they tip over. If you have full-time soccer fields, permanent or semi-permanent goals might fit your needs best. Generally, they offer a lower cost alternative with either steel or aluminum as viable options.

Manufactured or Locally Produced Goals

Over 80% of all portable goal tip over injuries and deaths reported in a recent study occurred with the use of homemade goals produced in shop class or at a local fabrication facility. Failure to understand and follow guidelines and testing requirements found in ASTM F2056 often leads to lack of adequate tip over ballast or ground anchoring, unsuitable goal depth and heavy materials and construction that make goals top heavy. Off the shelf tubing commonly has sharp corners that affect safety. It is critical to purchase goals that have proper warning labels that also certify the goal meets the ASTM safety standards to reduce liability risk for your program.

Football Gooseneck Post Compatibility

Many high schools and collegiate soccer programs share facilities with football and other activities. It is vital that portable soccer goals are compatible with permanently installed football goalposts, allowing quick and easy conversion from football to soccer and back. All official size (24' x 8') Bison Shootout portable goals, excluding those with the No-Tip feature, allow placement in front of permanent football goal posts using the same goal line for both sports by moving the rear horizontal stabilizer bar forward or backward. This is especially critical for fields with permanently painted field markings.

Post Size Compatibility

NCAA, National High School Federation and FIFA rules require that front uprights and crossbars be no less than 4” and no more than 5” wide for official play. Round, square, rectangular or oval shaped materials are all permitted. Round goals are often selected by clubs that play by FIFA rules but many other programs like round as well. If you choose square or rectangular goals, pay attention to the corners on the tubes. The bigger the radius, the greater the player safety. Bison offers round, square and rectangular goals.

Soccer Goal Size

Official play at high school, college and many club levels requires 24’ wide and 8’ high goals. These are the goal opening dimensions. Youth goals are available in a variety of sizes and often local club rules, field availability or other factors will determine goal width. Generally, younger players use smaller fields and goals.

Available Sizes:

Competition 24' x 8': U12 and up, high school, collegiate, international Club Plus 21' x 7': U10 - U12
Club 18½' x 6½': U8 - U10
Youth 12' x 6½': U6 - U8 and short-sided play
Bantam 9' x 4½': U4 - U6 and short-sided play

Post Safety

Over the past few years, there has been an increasing awareness of soccer player injury statistics. While most injuries occur in the open field, injuries including concussions, broken bones, cuts and damaged teeth caused by player contact with goals are common. If you prefer square or rectangular goals, look for manufacturers who use a large corner radius on all upright and crossbar tubes. Choose portable goals with the greatest back depth (10' on 24' x 8' goals) and provide premium anchoring or built-in ballast systems as a part of the package. Soccer is currently the most played team sport that does not require padding on equipment that players might come in contact with during competition. In the last few years, however, there has been a steady move in the direction of allowing and using upright padding to protect players and reduce program liability. All play that is governed by National High School Federation rules now allows post padding. Only Bison manufactures goals that can maintain the official 24’ width with or without upright padding. Bison DuraSkin for Soccer padding has virtually no negative impact on ball rebound. To assure safety and avoid unnecessary liability, NEVER purchase goals that do not meet ASTM F2056 safety standards.


It’s always easiest to buy in complete, ready-to-play packages. This insures all components are compatible. Features like transport systems and built-in safety ballast on portable goals make goal movement easier and safer. Net attachment methods are not all the same. Avoid systems that have loose clips or Velcro straps that get lost and goals with protruding net attachment hardware that presents a safety issue. Most programs prefer goals with built-in net attachment tracks like Bison’s QwikTrack.


When you invest in soccer goals, you want to be confident they will provide maintenance free service for many years. Aluminum goals have the advantage of a lifetime of rust free use. Some common aluminum goals, however, are prone to failure of welds where backstays attach to uprights. Big bulky goals get dragged across the field, putting stress on joints and resulting in the need for costly repairs. Bison’s unique Torque Tested backstay attachment system, standard rear stabilizer bar and the inclusion of built-in transport and ballast systems on many goals allow Bison to offer an industry leading, eight-year limited warranty on 4" round and 4" square goals. Compare standard features and published warranties to get the most value for your investment.


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